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Seventeen years ago, unknown to each other, we, Viviane and Ana, started planning our professional journey together.  At that time, Viviane was living the expat life in Brazil and was progressing along in her counseling career.

Ana was an expat in The United States, and was slowly learning to deal with all the issues that come along with being moved out of her comfort zone.

In 2016,  we finally crossed paths when we were introduced by a mutual friend. We discussed our similar professional interests and aspirations. We soon came to the realization that we were a team, formed a long time ago, unknown to us, and that together, we could create a healing center aimed at supporting and strengthening human development.

We welcome you to Atlanta International Counseling.

what we believe

We believe in inclusivity, multiculturalism and human wholeness.

We believe our lives travel an evolutionary path that revolves around our identity and our environment.

We believe science serves human evolution.

We believe in the power each individual has been given since birth to thrive and progress along their path.

We believe relationships are ladders that we climb in order to evolve and to perfect our beings through the recognition and respect of our similarities and differences.

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