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your body knows

Your body has a remarkable memory. All of life’s traumas, abuses, emotional wounding, and strong emotions, like grief and anger, are stored in the cells of your body, like a vault. If not dealt with, chronic tension, emotional and physical pain and disease, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction will result. If you’re living a life that doesn’t “feel” right, this is probably why.

what to expect

I believe that healing can be fun. And, I’m serious about what I do. You can count on feeling safe and your boundaries will be respected. You will lead and I will follow your level of readiness. We may begin by talking, but, soon enough, I will guide you gently to the realm of your body.


I’ve experienced multiple expatriate relocations with my husband and children, including to Brazil and The United States. Then, as now, my husband traveled often with his job, making it even harder. I know the stress, the anxiety, the homesickness, and the culture shock of being an expatriate. I know what it’s like to feel like an outsider.

Over more than 20 years, through the challenges of marriage, pregnancy, parenting, language, and a different educational system, I persevered. Along the way, I became an expert expatriate. I’d love to share my expertise with you.

how i work

We’ll start by exploring your life with gentle curiosity. Together, we’ll identify and assess the areas that you’d like to improve – mentally, emotionally, physically – and create a map for your new journey. You’ll learn new tools, like how to breathe properly, while discovering the crucial connection of your breath to your overall vitality.

Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®), my specialty, will be used to connect you with your body. You’ll learn how to trust your feelings, even if they’re scary. Immediately, you’ll start to feel more grounded, present, energized. Other tools, such as cultivating mindfulness, positive imagery, music, and various forms of movement may also come into play.

All along the way, new and powerful insights will light your path as you create a life filled with passion and meaning. As you practice your new tools, you’ll learn how to manage stress, relieve anxiety and reduce pain. You’ll build confidence, knowing that you have everything you need to navigate life’s challenges.

In time, you’ll find your life’s painful stories drifting away as you create more colorful ones filled with vitality and joy.

who is viviane?

My interest in Body-Centered Therapies was born from my own experiences with therapy, which began more than 25 years ago. I was living as an ex-pat with my husband in Brazil when, after a life trauma, my doctor directed me to psychotherapy.

I stayed with that process for about four years before developing a strong desire for more connection to my body. I wanted to learn how to express my feelings in a deeper way, so I could stop holding myself back in life. The discoveries I made during my own, dedicated journey over all those years is what led me to want to help others.

I love color and I have a serious collection of eyeglasses. I don’t like rules. Or pressure. My preferred method of travel is with the flow.

I love chocolate. Especially the good stuff from my home country of Belgium. I discovered years ago that chocolate is a universal icebreaker. I always have chocolate with me. And, I always share my chocolate. Just ask.

professional journey

I am a fully-licensed, professional counselor in the state of Georgia. Prior to completing my Master of Art degree in Community Counseling at Argosy University in 2010, I received a Master’s in Social Sciences from Leuven University, Belgium, in 1988.

I completed a 4-year training program in Core Energetics and hold a 4-year Certification in Bioenergetics. For 3 years, I was a practicing, licensed Massage Therapist, with certification from Atlanta School of Massage.

Finally, I am a Certified Provider of TRE® (tension/trauma release exercises), my current specialty and passion. I’ve completed Introductory and Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) workshops with Steven Hayes and an ACT and Trauma course with Russ Harris. ACT helps us to focus on living rich, full and meaningful lives.


Viviane Hens

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