tre® (tension, stress and trauma release)

tre® (tension, stress and trauma release)

Traumatic events and prolonged stress create chronic pain and tension patterns in our bodies. Other symptoms may include anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD or trouble concentrating.

Our bodies compensate by pulling inward to protect our core, but use up a whole lot of energy in the process.

This is why people living with prolonged trauma and emotional pain so often have no energy and cannot think clearly.

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why does tre® work?

In the animal kingdom, animals utilize what’s called their “shaking mechanism” to free themselves immediately from the stress of a near-capture experience from a predator, for example. They literally “shake it off” and then get on with their lives fully from the next moment on.

Even though we humans possess this same mechanism, we rarely use it. To survive in this world, most of us have learned to “adapt” to painful experiences and to suppress them.

The result is that we end up going numb and living our lives feeling depleted and only partially engaged. When you turn your body back on, you turn your life back on.

TRE® allows your nervous and muscular systems to unwind these stress and tension patterns by stimulating a natural tremor reflex in your muscles. You’ll finally be dealing with the stress and trauma in the place where it originates: your body.

By focusing on your breathing, you’ll connect with your body. You’ll feel an awakening of your body and mind as they come back to life.

TRE® is an enjoyable method that allows you to relax into your healing. We’ll bring in joy to help you heal your pain and you’ll feel present, grounded, and “in your body”.

how does tre® work?

TRE® consists of seven simple exercises that stretch and slightly fatigue your muscles, evoking a muscular shaking process in the body.

As the tension releases from your muscles, you’ll experience a release of the anxiety of your mind.

Your mind and body will return to a state of balance without having to relive or talk about traumatic events. These exercises are similar to and draw from the wisdom of other traditions such as Bioenergetics, Yoga, Tai Chi.


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